Saturday, April 20, 2013

Indiana Trail 50

This was my first official 50 mile race, although I've run 50 miles twice before as part of the North Coast 24 hour Endurance runs.  Training leading up to this has been ideal, and I've hit a new 30-day PR in the process.  Leading up to this race, which was held at the Chain O Lakes State Park near Albion, Indiana, the area received 5 to 7 inches of rain, so a lot of the course was flooded.  This resulted in 48 ankle-to-knee deep water crossings on the 3 lap course, but otherwise, the weather was perfect.  Starting temp in the mid 30s, finish temp in the mid 40s, with sunny skies.  Lots of mud too, but tough courses make tough runners.  Really, this race was a near-perfect execution for me, although I did end up tying my shoes too tight on the last lap to prevent them from being sucked off in the mud, which gave me a case of extensor tendititis on my left foot.  Live and learn.  Because of the water and mud, I also tried 2Toms Sportshield for the first time ever, coating my feet before the race.  It's a silicone-based lubricant that worked extremely well.  My feet were constantly soaked in water, yet I had absolutely no chafing or blisters, period!  Overall, an awesome race, finish time 10:23:26!  Finished 24th out of 77. 

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