Saturday, May 11, 2013

Lucky Bucket 7k Trail Race

I ran this race mainly because it was cheap, and the perks seemed good.  Entry was only $35, which included a tech shirt, a couple of free beers, a free brewery tour, and a fun after party.  Not that I especially enjoy shorter races, but I also knew that a lot of my GOATz friends would be running it too, not to mention that it would be on the trails at Mahoney State Park.  I know they exist, but really haven't been on them. It turned out to be about 0.4 miles short.  Yeah, I know trail races are usually "around" the expected distance, but this was really short.  I did run really well though, 114th out of 1047 runners, 90th out of 505 males, so I was happy with that. 

And my foot felt Ok.  The ball hurt a little, but it was manageable. The weather was absolutely gorgeous.  Perhaps a little breezy, but sunny skies.  The Lucky Bucket beer was good, and I bought a grilled hamburger, the smell was just too much to resist.  All in all, it was a worthwhile event.

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